Kemana Updater from v3.1 to v3.2 (Updater Only) (382 KB, downloaded 132×)

This is an updater to upgrade your Kemana installation from v3.1 to v3.2.

Kemana 3.2 Changes:

[KE] Bug fixes, thanks to Mario Kästner (
[KE] English language tidied up by Peter Walker (
[KE] Much better search, visitors can search anything (title, description, custom field) and provide more accurate results
[KE] Category list in welcome now have clickable thumbs
[KE] Replace circle rating with classic but trustworthy rating star
[KE] Lock menu editing for directory related items
[KE] Shortened description text in grid mode, you should use grid mode for image focussed listings
[KE] Removed site wide features as it overlapped with directory features
[KE] 'No Detail' mode, when clicked will open the target web site instead of detail page
[KE] New custom field types: URL & Video (Youtube & Vimeo only)
[KE] Ke_core module allows visitors to change view mode (requires DIV ID)
[KE] Allow URL masking to hide real URL (useful for referral)
[QE] As always, bug fixes
[QE] Add more permissions
[QE] Tidy up image library
[QE] Drop Newsletter feature. You can use mailchimp or yahoogroups to manage newsletter.
[QE] Drop country table, replaced with /includes/countrylist.php file.
[QE] Admin can no longer login from front end. This will defeat the purpose of renaming the ACP.

: @ 03:25am
Last Updated: @ 11:12pm

Kemana Main File (version 3.2)

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