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IP based configuration


This feature stores user values based on his/her IP address. This is an alternative to store user's values instead of cookies, because everything stored in database, so user doesn't need to enable cookies and can store a big value.

Before using this feature, you may need to alter your "ip_config" table structure:

  1. Use your MySQL manager, eg, phpMyAdmin or Adminer.
  2. Open 'ip_config' table, eg 'qe_ip_config' table.
  3. Alter the structure, add a new field, eg 'myfield'.

Stored values will be kept for 2 hours, if the same IP address & user ID doesn't access the site in 2 hours, store values will be removed.

function ip_config_update ($what = '', $value = '')

Update the ip_config stored value.

$what = the field name.

$value = the value.

function ip_config_value ($what)

To get the ip_config stored value.

$what = the field name.

function ip_config_count ()

To count number of stored values.


Posted On: Aug-26-2010 @ 07:00am
Last Updated: Jan-01-1970 @ 07:00am

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