Fast Search

Fast Search (FS) is a search alternative for traditional SQL search (SELECT * FROM table WHERE body LIKE '%keywords%'). FS offers much faster search result, up to 20x faster (or more, on large database).

To use this function please follow the steps:

1. Determine an identifier, eg. 'product'.

2. Get word list. Word list is an array listing all uniquely used words in an article.

$wl = filter_word ($input_text);

3. Then use update_wordmatch() function to enter the word list to database.

$fs = update_wordmatch ($article_id, $identifier, $word_list)

$article_id is the unique ID of the article, it can be page ID, news ID, or any ID. It must be integer.

$identifier = the identifier, eg 'product'

$word_list = the word list result from filter_word () function.

4. Be aware that, both filter_word & update_wordmatch functions only available in ACP (or by including includes/admin_func.php).

5. After that, you can use fast_search to search:

$foo = function fast_search ($query, $identifier, $mode = 'or')

$query = the query, eg. "My Book".

$identifier = the pre-defined identifier.

$mode = either 'AND' or 'OR'.


$foo = function fast_search ('My Book', 'product')

It will return array of $article_id relating with the search result.

Example 1

(coming soon)

Posted On: Aug-27-2010 @ 07:00am
Last Updated: Jan-01-1970 @ 07:00am

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