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3. File Structures


To continue learning about modules, please download demo module. The following information will be based on demo module.

File/Folder Structure

Creating a module for qE is quite easy, but you need to pay attention on the folder & file structure.

Require Folders

Generally, module's folder structure is as follow:

Required Files

Each folder may have specific required files:

Example: Portal Module

For example, for Portal module (aka Article management, weird name, yes i know), it has these files:

Other than module dependent files, all other files are mandatory, except main.php if your module doesn't have full screen mode (but you still need to provide window.php, even if your module doesn't have windowed mode).

Explanation of Each Required File

The following information will use demo module to simplify the explanations. Please download it first.


The file is basically a user guide, you can use your own style, or copy demo module's. qE will display this file when a user click on Documentation in module management.

The file is in HTML, skipping the <head><body> areas.


This file contains module configurations, including installation SQL, uninstallation, etc. See /admin/module/demo/ini.xml for fields informations.


This file contains the windowed mode script of the module. qE also checks for this file to determine a module existance. So, be sure to always supply this file, even your module doesn't have windowed mode. See /module/demo/window.php for additional informations.


This file contains the full screen mode script of the module. This is the file called when you link to task.php?mod=demo.

You can also pass variables by using task.php?mod=demo&amp;var1=value1&amp;var2=value2...

See /module/demo/main.php for additional informations.

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