2. Installing qEngine

Installing qE is very easy, you should be able to open your site in less than five minutes. This information also applicable to: Kemana Directory & Cart Engine.



  1. Download your qE from C97.net, eg. qe v3.5.zip
  2. Depending on your server configuration, you can either:
    • Upload the zip file using an FTP program, and use your server's file manager to extract it.
    • Or, extract the zip file in your PC, and use your FTP program to upload it one by one.
  3. You also need to make sure your files & folders have the right permissions:
    • All folders & files should be 0644 (read only)
    • With exception all files & folders under /public folder must be 0777 or 0755 (writeable) — including the /public folder
  4. The following is optional:
    • Folder /admin/backup should also be 0777 or 0755, if you want to do database backup using ACP (otherwise you can use phpMyAdmin)
    • File /admin/module/admin_menu.xml should also be 0777 or 0755, if you want to install/uninstall modules


  1. Go to your site, eg: http://www.example.com
  2. You will be prompted:

    If you have just installed qEngine, please delete the "install/" folder on your server before using qEngine v3.5 (build 2010.03.03). Or click here to install qEngine for the first time.

  3. Click the "Click here" to begin installation.
  4. Pick "New Installation", and follow the next section information.
  5. If you are upgrading from old version of qE, pick "Upgrade".

Filling The Form

  1. Fill the form fields, they are quite straight forward.
  2. Fill Table Prefix. You can install several qE under one database using different Table Prefix.
  3. Fill Secure URL if you want to use qE's secure URL capability. You need dedicated certicate, not shared certificate.
  4. After filling all fields, click Submit.
  5. After the next step, that may be three outcomes:
    • Failed, you may miss some information, please return and try again.
    • Success, you are done, you can use qE immidiatelly.
    • Partial Success, you are done, but qE can't save configuration, follow the on-screen information on how to save the configuration manually.
  6. Before using your new qE, be sure to remove or rename the /install folder.

Securing Admin Panel

  1. You can increase your web site security by renaming your admin panel folder.
  2. Rename the folder from /admin, to anything else, eg: /mysecretlab
  3. Edit /includes/db_config.php, change the following value:

$qe_admin_folder = 'admin';

To the new folder name, eg:

$qe_admin_folder = 'mysecretlab';

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