2. Full Page vs Inline

Even this may not be the correct terms, I'll use them anyway Cool.

There are two display mode in qE's modules. Windowed aka inline mode, and full screen aka full page mode.

Windowed/Inline Mode

As the name implied, in windowed mode, the module displayed within another content. Example modules:

  1. qBanner to display banner, you can see site content, news, articles, etc, along with the ad-banner.
  2. ztopwatch to display site performance, you can see it at the bottom of the page along with other contents.

Inline Mode

→ Above image show the Portal Module in Inline Mode. The module is displayed inside other content.

Full Screen/Full Page Mode

Also as the name implied, in full screen mode, you don't see any other contents, except the module itself (and may be other windowed modules). Example modules:

  1. Portal aka Articles, the module you are reading now.
  2. qComment when you click "Read other comments/post your own" link.
  3. Expose Gallery, a simple image gallery.

full screen

→ Above image show the Portal Module in Full Page Mode. The module is displayed exclusively without other content than itself.


Some modules may have both mode, either at the same time, or at different time. Example modules:

  1. Portal aka Articles. In windowed mode, it only display latest articles with their links. When clicked, it brings you to a full screen mode, where you can read the articles.
  2. qComment. In windowed mode, it displays latest comments, with "Read other comments/post your own" link. Which when clicked, you can read all comments, and post your own comments.

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