2. File Structures

Before you go on, you may want to understand the folder structure of qE, and its important files:

  • / (root)
    • msg.php: a collection of message, usually in popup window, eg: Registration Failed.
    • search.php: a searching script, it also handles qsearch for modules (see module for more information).
    • site_search.php: the core script for searching, it searches pages & news by default.
    • task.php: used to call an installed module.
    • visual.php: a dynamic image builder for captcha.
  • /admin
    • ACP related files
    • about.php: about qE.
    • admin_mail.php, sendmail.php & mailog.php: to compose & send email. Use mailog.php to see sent emails.
    • backup.php & restore.php: to back up & restore database.
    • cache.php: to rebuild cache, in Kemana & Cart2 there are also power_cache.php.
    • edit_opt.php: a special feature of qE, allow you to add entries to a special table easily.
    • form_builder.php: to create a simple form, or sql queries, where you can later copy-paste to your application.
    • modplug_*.php: module (un)installer.
    • module.php: module manager.
    • qadmin.php & qadmin_demo.php: a special feature of qE, allow you to create a form with its handler (add, update, delete entries) easily. I personally thing qadmin is the best feature of qE.
    • search.php: to all in one search, by default it searches pages & news, then you can choose to see it or edit it.
    • task.php: used to call an installed module in ACP.
    • /backup: a folder to store all backup data.
    • /fman: a cool file manager.
    • /module: to store ACP only module files.
  • /etc
    • Misc files, including captcha images, captcha font, chart swf's, javascript, image for smilies and wysiwyg editor using tinyMCE.
  • /includes
    • Usually processing files, eg. login_process.php, register_process.php, etc.
    • admin_func.php: admin specific functions library, called from admin_init.php
    • admin_init.php: an initializer file to call several other ACP related files, and do automatic configurations.
    • ajax_init.php: an initializer file to call several other UI files, and do automatic configurations. This ajax_init.php is optimize for ajax queries, which is faster than user_init.php, albeit not as secure.
    • config.php: configure script to server's environment, required by admin_init & user_init
    • db_config.php: database configuration file.
    • ezform.php: like qadmin for ACP, but for UI.
    • function.php: a collection of qE functions library.
    • init.php: used by admin_init & user_init
    • lang.php: some language related variables. Not all message can be stored in /msg.php & *.tpl, so they are stored here.
    • local.php: a collection of script specific functions library. This is different than function.php, because function.php rarely changed, and carried between versions of qE, meanwhile local.php usually contains functions specific to the script, eg Cart2's local.php contains e-commerce related functions.
    • tpl.php: the easiest, simplest, laziest template engine.
    • user_init.php: an initializer file to call several other UI related files, and do automatic configurations.
    • xmlize.php: support file for XML.
  • /install
    • Installation related files.
  • /module
    • Module related files.
  • /public
    • User uploadable contents, including image files for pages, articles, etc.
    • Cart2 uses this folder to store product image & thumbnails.
    • So does Kemana for link images.
    • See included /public/readme.txt for each folder functions.
  • /skins
    • Display/template/skin related files.
    • /_admin: ACP related files.
    • /_common: shared files, eg. skin for tinyMCE, and popup
    • /_fman: file manager related files.
    • /_mail: mail related files.
    • /_mobile: mobile browser related files.
    • default: default skin.
    • qE always needs those files & folders, so if you create an application always be sure that you always have 'default' skin, and other folders from above.

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