12. Tips & Tricks

Q: What is Power Cache? When should I do Rebuild-Cache?

A: In Kemana 1.0, there was a feature "Rebuild Cache" to create a cache to speed up your site. That procedure might be time consuming. So, since Kemana 1.1, the cache is built incrementally in real time. So, you don't need to 'Rebuild Cache', hence we remove 'Rebuild Cache', and change to 'Optimize DB'.

Optimizing is necessary to save some MySQL database space. You may not this feature, especially if you have a lot of space.

There is a new feature, 'Power Cache'. This is used to completely rebuilt cache from scracth. Normally you don't need this feature. And this is resource intensive, so your server may produce time out error. So, make sure, that you really need this feature, and your server allow set_time_limit() function.

Q: When sending a newsletter, my server frozen up or it says, "Connection Time Out".

A: Newsletter sending is a heavy job for your server. If you have lots of users subscribing to your newsletter (more than 1,000 subscribers), it's recommended to move your newsletter to hosted newsletter service, like Google Groups or Yahoo Groups. Also, your host may not allow you to send bulk mails. So be sure to play it safe!

Q: Help! I can't backup my database (or restore it), it says, "Connection Time Out" or only partially backed up (or restored)

A: Again, backing up or restoring is a heavy job for your server. If you have lots of items (or links), more than 100,000, you may experience script time out. Although we try to avoid this by dividing back up file to smaller chunks and increasing script time, there is no guarantee that your server won't time out. To avoid this, you can use NON WEB BASED mysql managers (phpMyAdmin won't help you in this case). If possible, use SSH or PUTTY to access your server, and backup from the terminal. Please contact your host on this matter for more information.

Posted On: Jun-15-2009 @ 07:00am
Last Updated: Jan-01-1970 @ 07:00am

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