11.2 Multiple Direcoty

Kemana provides a multiple directory feature. With this feature, you  can set up several directories (or, we prefer to call it dirset) under one site, with one installation, one ACP, one user database, one simplicity.

Single vs Multi Dirset

To create a new dirset, simply go to: ACP > Tools > Directory Sets > Set Up New Directory.

There you can define its title, description, URL requirement, backlink requirement, number of multiple categories (if needed), and so on, and even you can set sponsored/premium price. Later you can even set sponsored/premium price for each category!


By default, all dirset's welcome page uses a same design. The file responsible for this is directory.tpl, but if you need a unique design for a specific dirset (say, Automobile dirset shows exotic cars), simply create a new skin file: [set]_directory.tpl, where [set] is the set ID, eg aut_directory.tpl, eve_directory.tpl, etc. And put it in the same skin folder with the rest.

You can obtain set ID from ACP > Directory Sets > Edit Directory, see the three letters under identifier column.

Directory ID

Posted On: Jun-15-2009 @ 12:00am
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