10. Tools


  1. Site Configuration
    • General Configurations
      This is where you configure your address, formatting, email, contact information, upload logo, and more.
    • Site Layout
      This is where you configure your site layout, such as number of columns of new items, featured items, etc.
    • Payment Method
      Kemana currently accepts Bank Transfer, Cheque, E-Gold, Google Checkout, PayPal Standard, PayPal IPN. With PayPal IPN everything processed automatically, from verifying payment, approving it, and upgrading the class.
    • Country List
      This is a very long list of selectable country available for your users.
  2. Directory Set
    • You can Set Up New Directory.
    • Edit Directory
    • And manage Custom Fields.
    • Also availabe an upgrade Price List.
    • Learn more about Multiple Directory & Custom Fields features.
  3. Logs
    • Email Logs stores all sent emails from your site. Some private and not-so-important emails are not logged.
    • Login Logs stores all log in done from both UI & ACP.
  4. IP Banning
    Block specific IP from visiting your site. This is handy if you find some visitors to be annoying. But, be careful some visitors may be using dynamic IP's. Blocking those IP's will block not only your target visitor, but all of those IP users.
  5. File Manager
    A handy tool to manage your files. Some server (especially *nix) don't allow you to edit some files.
  6. PHP Info
    See information about your host PHP settings.
  7. Backup DB
    Back up your database, your links information, contents, etc.
  8. Restore DB
    Restore your database from backup files.
  9. Optimize DB (was: Rebuild Cache)
    Kemana uses cache to improve site performance. Since Kemana v1.1, cache is built in real-time, when you manage something, eg. manage a link, manage a directory, etc. So, Rebuild Cache is removed and replaced with Optimize DB, which is not really necessary, and you may not need this feature Smile. What a simpler life!

Posted On: Jun-15-2009 @ 12:00am
Last Updated: Apr-24-2013 @ 01:10pm

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