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1. Introduction


Of course, qE doesn't provide all the features you may need. Some times you have to create your own modifications. qE provides two way to do so.

  1. Editing the php files, or
  2. Using modules

Editing the php files

This is the simplest method to add new features to qE. Edit a php file, make necessary modifications, save, and done.

It brings the maximum performance, as qE doesn't need to do additional job to run the modification (unlike modules, qE need extra steps to recoqnize and to start the modules). Also by editing directly to the php files, you are not limited to qE module's rules. Eg, you can create a modification to display banner ads between news content, which is unlikely with modules.

But this method comes with several problems, especially if you want to share your modifications, other interested parties may find it difficult to apply the modifications. Eg, open xxx.php, go to line yyy, add these lines, go to line zzz, add those lines, etc.

And another problem arises when you need to upgrade the modifications, you have to do it manually, you have to remember which php files had been modified, and imagine the difficulty to share the upgrades.

Lastly, you can't upgrade qE itself without ruining your modifications.

Pros: maximum performance, no limitation

Cons: difficult to apply by other users, difficult to upgrade (both qE and the modifications)

Using modules

Using modules is the most recommended method to add new features to qE. By using modules, you can share the modifications easily, and upgrading is as simple as replacing module files. Also, you can upgrade qE anytime, without worrying that the process will ruin your modifications.

There are several drawbacks of using modules, however. Firstly, it may be slightly slower than directly editing the files. qE needs to do some extra steps to execute the modules. It needs to be instructed to load a module, then verifying the module's existence, finally executing it. And also, you can't use modules in a way to interfere other files, eg, you can't use qBanner module to display ads inside news content.

Pros: easier to develop, to share, to upgrade.

Cons: limited by qE rules, and may be slightly slower.

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