07. Contents


  1. Site News
    Use this to add news to your site.
  2. Pages
    Use this to add pages to your site. You can use pages to display FAQ, company history, privacy policy, and many more.
  3. Articles
    Use this to add more contents to your site.
  4. Guestbook
    Kemana comes with a guestbook, where your visitors can leave comments about your site. Use this to manage the entries.
  5. Featured Content
    Use this feature to add featured contents to your welcome (index.php) page.

More About Featured Content

Featured Content

Featured content is a good way to inform your visitors about some promotions. Eg, you are giving 10% discount for all new upgrades, or promoting a new forum.

You can use pictures or text to Featured Content. By default, picture size must be 530x150px. If you need something bigger or smaller, you can edit skins/default/layout.tpl, find /* SLIDER 1 -- featured content -- */. For more information about this featured content script, please visit www.dynamicdrive.com.

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Last Updated: Apr-24-2013 @ 01:10pm

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