06. Users

Handling your users is very easy with Kemana. To access it go to ACP > Users.

User ACP

  1. User Center
    This is where you handle your users. You can add, edit & remove your users.
  2. Send Newsletter
    Use this feature to send bulk mail to your users. Only subscribed users will receive this email.
  3. Subscriber
    To see, manage, add, edit & remove newsletter subscription.
  4. Ticket Support
    To see, manage, add, edit & remove ticket support.

Note on newsletter: your host may not allow you to send bulk mail. And even they allow it, your PHP configuration may limit you sending lots of mails (program time out). If you have a lot of subscriber, it's recommended to use third party hosted solutions, such as Google Group & Yahoo Group. Sending unwanted mails can be considered spams by your users, so use it wisely.

Note on ticket: a ticket is a query or question submitted by your visitors. It may be about bugs in your site, or complaining about something, etc. Basically, a simplified version of Contact Us which accessible from all pages.

Posted On: Jun-15-2009 @ 07:00am
Last Updated: Jan-01-1970 @ 07:00am

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