05. Transactions

With Kemana, you can easily manage your site transactions. A transaction occurs when your user upgrades his/her resource (link). Any links can be upgraded to Premium or Sponsored Links.

Premium vs Sponsored Links

Sponsored vs Premium

The difference between Premium & Sponsored is on how it's placed in list page. Sponsored links always placed in first page, top most position. If there are more than one sponsored links in a list page, they positioned randomly. Premium, on the other hand, positioned on its placed, eg. page 3, row 5, but with different design than non-premium.

The design & additional fields can be defined by editing section.tpl skin file, and by utiliizing Custom Fields feature.

Managing Transactions

From ACP, click Transactions.


  1. List All
    Display all transactions, including past transactions (completed), current (pending) and cancelled.
  2. All Pending
    Only display current transactions.
  3. All Completed
    Only display past transactions.
  4. All Cancelled
    Only display cancelled transactions.


From this page, you can easily set Payment and Order Status.

  • To see PayPal IPN log, click "see log". You will find PayPal's response for this payment.
  • Once you've verified the payment, modify the Payment Status to Paid/Approve, and Order Status to Complete. This will upgrade or extent the link to specify class automatically.
  • If you find any suspicious transaction, modify the Payment Status to Denied/Cancelled. And the transaction automatically rejected.
  • After approving or cancelling an order, you can send a notification email to your customer.

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