04.1 Adding New Links

  • To add a new link, from ACP, go to Directory > Add New Link.
    • If you have multiple directory set (dirset), you have to choose which dirset you want to add it to.
  • If you want to edit any link, from ACP, go to Directory > Search, find any link to edit, and click Edit.
    • Or, you can also use Quick List, Directory > Quick List, and click Edit.

From link editor page, there are some fields may need some explanation:

General Info

Link Editor

  1. Logo is dirset dependent. You can set if any dirset can accept logo or not. You can even specify the size (it will resize to specified size), and even create thumbnail version automatically. To do this, please see ACP > Directory Set > Edit Directory.
  2. URL, Backlink URL, Company Name, Address & Country are also dirset dependent.
  3. You can also set number of multiple category in dirset.
  4. Reset Guest Edit Password is a handy feature if a link submitted by your visitors (non member) and he forget the password to edit it.
  5. Use Statusto set link status.
    • If you accept or deny a pending link, you will be automatically redirected to Send Email page.

Custom Field

Custom Fields

This tab shall display all your custom fields for current dirset. Custom Field is an easy way to add your own fields. You can add as many fields as possible. Custom fields are very easy to use. See Custom Field page for this information.


This tab contains all miscellaneous settings, such as Official Review, Official Ratings, etc.

You can even change Sort Point from this tab. Sort Point detemine how high or how low the order of any item in list page (list.php) using default sorting method. Be cautious, as this Sort Point will be overwritten when you Rebuild Cache.


This tab contains all settings for sponsored or premium item.


This tab only shows if you are managing a changed item. Using this handy feature, you can easily compare BEFORE and AFTER information.

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