04. Directory


  1. Search: use this to search your directory. You can search by directory set (dirset), category, and so on. We also provide some shortcuts to most common search configuration.
  2. Add New Link: use this to add a new link to your directory. If you have multiple dirset, you will be asked which dirset you want to add to.
  3. Featured Link: use this to add featured links to your site. Featured links are links appear in your site welcome page (index.php), and if you have multiple dirset, also in directory main page (directory.php).
  4. Category: this is the category manager. You can add/edit/remove categories for your directory. You can also change apperance order.
  5. Comments: this is where you manage user's comments for your directory items. You can approve or deny each comment.
  6. Quick List: this is a handy tool to see all your links. You can filter it by dirset.

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