01. Administration Panel

To access your administration control panel (ACP), go to your site URL:


Enter your administrator's username & password, and fill in the captcha.

ACP Structure

Anatomy of ACP

  1. Main menu
    This is a collection of features you can use to manage your site.
  2. Site search
    Use this to find things on your site to manage. You can search page content, link content, news & articles. Very handy.
  3. Common shortcuts
    This is a collection of links to common features. You may only need these links to manage your site daily.
  4. Clock and your name
    Click on the clock to see world clock. And click on your name to manage your account.
  5. New ticket list
    This is the list of support questions submitted by your visitors.
  6. Kemana Logo
    Click to see Kemana version information.

Posted On: Jun-12-2009 @ 12:00am
Last Updated: Apr-24-2013 @ 01:06pm

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Can't Login to Admin
Hi. I just installed the Kemana directory but for some reason can't access the admin panel. Login is correct but the captcha doesn't seem to be working even though I entered the correct numbers. I tried many times with no luck.

Guest Jan-23-2019
For security reason, you can't login using your admin's user id from front panel (user side). To login using your admin's user id you need to use back end (admin panel), usually located in www.yourweb.com/admin Regular user id can login from front panel though

admin Jan-24-2019

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