Cart Engine: Features

Key Features

qEngine CMS

Based on qEngine, a CMS script made by us. Providing the best of two worlds, a multi purpose CMS engine to allow maximum flexibility; and an e-commerce power for uncompromised features. With module supports to add new features easily.

multi purposeOne Stop Solution

All your online shop needs are here. With Cart Engine you can open almost any type of store you could ever dream of:

  • Online gadget shop that sell physical products
  • Online computer shop that allow customers to build their own PC
  • Online apparel shop that sell customized products
  • Online music shop that sell digital music
  • Many more...

Custom Fields

Add more detailed information to your customers to encourage more sales! The best part is, your customers can filter the product list based on custom fields! For example, add "Color" custom fields, later you customers can filter products with specific color.

downloadableDigital Products

Sell digital products with Cart Engine. Upload any file to a product, and it automatically transformed to a digital product. Simple as that. Your customers can later download it from their account page.

Build Your Own aka Sub Products

Need to sell a build your own PC using parts from your shop? You can do so by using sub products. Simply select which parts you want to include to a PC, then your customers can choose which part to buy.

mobileMobile Devices Friendly

Grab more audiences. Cart Engine's default skin comes with responsive design that adapt to whichever devices your customers use. From PCs, tablets, or smartphones, each display


A complete promotion solution is built right in:

  • Rotating banners
  • Slide show
  • Gift voucher
  • Store discount
  • Featured products
  • See also products


Cart Engine is modular, meaning you can expand its capability easily. Add more shipping options, more payment methods, new and awesome rotating banners, and more.

Search Engine Friendly

Don't loose your Google/Bing Search! Cart Engine comes with built in search engine friendly feature, including meta keyword, meta description, and of course a real search engine friendly URL.

Complete Feature List For Front End

  • Welcome page with welcome message, new products, featured products & best sellers.
  • Products listed by category, manufacturer or list all.
  • Detail page where user can purchase your items.
  • Site search to search everything from one screen.
  • Advanced search.
  • Article management.
  • Visitors can add comments to each item (product reviews).
  • Visitors can add comments to existing comments.
  • Contact us about this product form.
  • Tell a friend form.
  • Built in mailing list system.
  • Quick Find tags, works like tag clouds.
  • Multiple on-site promotions: banners, featured items, gift vouchers, slide show, news, page management.
  • Guestbook to allow your visitors to leave messages (customer testimonials).
  • Ticket support to allow your visitors to report problems.
  • Contact Us page where your visitors can send email easily.
  • Login, register, greet returning users.
  • Profile page for users where they can manage their profile, password, addresses, subscription, and download purchased files.
  • Multiple shipping addresses for each user.
  • Users can subscribe to receive the newsletter, re-stocked products (in event of out of stock), and product price reduction (when price drops).

Backend Features

  • CMS backed, easy to add content to your site.
  • Unlimited Number Of Categories.
  • Unlimited Level Of Categories.
  • Multiple categories per item.
  • Unlimited Items.
  • Add, modify, and remove categories.
  • Add, modify, and remove items.
  • User friendly product editor with WYSIWYG editor.
  • Multiple images per product.
  • Template driven, from front end, back end, and email messages.
  • Backup & restore database.
  • Totally configurable.

Included Modules

  • Comment engine
  • Slide show
  • Rotating banners
  • Simple site statistics
  • Best sellers
  • New products
  • Featured products
  • Random products
  • Payment: Cash On Delivery
  • Payment: Cheque
  • Payment: Wire Transfer
  • Payment: Paypal/IPN
  • Shipping: Manual By Weight
  • Shipping: Store Pickup
  • Shipping: Free Shipping
  • Shipping: By Percentage
  • and more...
  • You can add new modules easily in the future.


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