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I'm releasing my scripts for free, but developing the scripts requires a lot of time & efforts. Not to mention, the time needed to maintain this web site up & running. And we all know that time means money.

So, if you find the scripts to be useful and you want to show your gratitude, I really appreciate if you can donate. Your donation will motivate me to continue the scripts development.

In fact, when you donate, I will give you some rewards as my appreciations.












Commercial License
Listed as Sponsor  
Add-Ons Subscription    
Free 6 Hours Development          
Free 10 Hours Development        
Front Page News          
Money Back Guarantee
Get Reward Get Reward Get Reward Get Reward Get Reward Get Reward
Donation Amount
The minimum donation amounts to receive the reward. You are welcomed to donate more if possible.
Commercial License
You will receive a life time commercial license which allow you to remove "Powered by XXX" from front end & back end.
Listed as Sponsor
I will list your name (or your web site name) along with it's URL, logo & short description on a special page dedicated to all generous donors.
Add Ons Subscription
You will gain a special access to my collection of modules & skins. I will release at least one add on per month.
Free X Hours Development
I will work for you to modify one of my script of your choice for X hours, eg. installing, database imports, skin modification, adds on, etc.
Front Page News
I will post your name (or web site name) along with it's logo & short description on the front page (welcome) of Your name will be visible along with other news or blog contents and will keep visible until the front page can no longer hold new contents.
Money Back Guarantee
If you change your mind in 30 days, I will return your money, no question asked!

Some Footnotes:

  • I retain the rights to refuse listing a name or web site name if I find that it againsts applicable laws or may offend anyone.
  • For free development hours, it must be taken in one session, meaning you can't ask for 2 hours development now, and the remaining hours later.
  • For money back guarantee, your money will be refunded after adjusted with: free development hours, sponsor list & front page news duration.