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ProductsCommercial License1White Label License2 Cart Engine $89 $189 qEngine ×3 $89 Kemana Directory $89 $189 Misc ...
Kemana: Change Log open
Version 1.5.6:[QE] Renamed /etc/ folder to /misc/ - some servers don't allow user access to /etc/ folder Version 1.5.5:[QE] Blank page after installation -...
Kemana: FAQ open
What's with the name? Kemana in Indonesian means, "where" as in "where are you going to?". Does Kemana work with Directory97 PRO's database? Unfortunatelly, due to Kemana's features, Kemana...
Cart Engine: Change Logs open
Version 5.1.0:[CE] Redesign some elements' CSS[CE] Bug fixes[QE] Bug fixes Version 5.0.0:[CE] Updated to qEngine 9.0[CE] Bug fixes[QE] Bug fixes[QE] Replace Flash charts...
qEngine: Change Log open
Version 9.0.0:[QE] Bug fixes[QE] Replace Flash charts with HTML5 charts ([QE] Starting to use bootstrap grid system, I hope in the future I can implement more...

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