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Common Questions & Answers Where is the support? There are two methods to get supports: community supports & premium supports. Read more about both supports here. How do I install...
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Version 1.5.6:[QE] Renamed /etc/ folder to /misc/ - some servers don't allow user access to /etc/ folder Version 1.5.5:[QE] Blank page after installation -...
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What's with the name? Kemana in Indonesian means, "where" as in "where are you going to?". Does Kemana work with Directory97 PRO's database? Unfortunatelly, due to Kemana's features, Kemana...
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Version 3.0.0: [QE] Updated to qEngine 6.0[QE] Add ACP notification center[QE] Add ACP qadmin log[QE] Update default & admin skin[QE] Update SEF URL to friendlier version[QE] Update security by...
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Version 7.0.0:[QE] Change jQuery Tools with Bootstrap 3.1.1[QE] Update jQuery to v1.11.0[QE] Add 'multi lingual' support[QE] Closed web site now can still be browsed by administrators[QE] Add RSS feed...

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