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Combining Responsive Design & Mobile Specific Design open
With the rise of mobile devices, it’s a must for any web sites to provide mobile friendly version of the web sites. There are at least three methods for any web sites to do so: One-Fit-All...
Cart Engine: Features open
Key Features Free! Yes, you read it right! This awesome script is totally free! All we ask is that you leave the "Powered by" slogan in your site. If you don't like the slogan, you can...
Cart Engine: Change Logs open
Version 3.0.0: [QE] Updated to qEngine 6.0[QE] Add ACP notification center[QE] Add ACP qadmin log[QE] Update default & admin skin[QE] Update SEF URL to friendlier version[QE] Update security by...
Unister GmbH open
Unister GmbH is a large international internet company based in the German city of Leipzig. Unister uses the latest developments in open source technology and digital content to enable customers and...
04.1 Adding New Links open
To add a new link, from ACP, go to Directory > Add New Link. If you have multiple directory set (dirset), you have to choose which dirset you want to add it to. If you want to edit any...

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