Hi, welcome to my web site. I'm Cunaedy, a freelance web developer based in Bandung, a beautiful city in Indonesia. I have worked with many clients all over the world. I can help you designing & building you dreamed web site. Below are some of my current & past clients.

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Web programming is also one of my passion. I have published some open source & free web application you can use to create your own web site easily.

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Part Three of the Tutorial Now Available!

Thursday, November-17-2016

Part Three of the Tutorial Now Available!

Part three of my tutorial on using qEngine to start a blog is now available!

In this tutorial, I explain how to customize the blog page itself! Bonus chapter, how to create a unique page without creating a new content type.

Let's learn it now here: c97.net/docs/03-making-a-blog-with-qengine-part-3.php

Versi Bahasa Indonesianya sudah tersedia di: seriously.c97.net/blog/tutorial-membangun-blog-dengan-qengine-part-3.php

Part Two of the Tutorial Now Available!

Thursday, November-03-2016

Part Two of the Tutorial Now Available!

Part two of my tutorial on using qEngine to start a blog is now available!

In this tutorial, I explain how to customize the blog output by using CSS and/or a template section.

Learn now, and be a master tomorrow! Click here: c97.net/docs/02-making-a-blog-with-qengine-part-2.php

Versi Bahasa Indonesianya sudah tersedia di: seriously.c97.net/blog/tutorial-membangun-blog-dengan-qengine-part-2.php

Learn How to Create a Blog with qEngine

Friday, October-28-2016

Learn How to Create a Blog with qEngine

My first tutorial on qEngine CMS is now available! Learn how you can use qEngine to create a blog. In this tutorial I will also tell you how to install the script, open the administrator panel, set up content type, add contents, and some simple skin modification.

Learn now: www.c97.net/docs/01-making-a-blog-with-qengine-13.php

Versi Bahasa Indonesia juga tersedia disini: seriously.c97.net/blog/tutorial-membangun-blog-dengan-qengine-13-part-1.php

qEngine 13 Now Available

Sunday, October-23-2016

qEngine 13 Now Available

After last week I released Kemana 2, now qEngine 13 is also available for download.

qEngine (qE) is a lightweight, fast, yet feature packed CMS script to help you building your site quickly. Using template engine to separate the php codes from the design, you don't need to touch the codes to design your web site. qE is also expandable by using modules.

New version of qE is always available after a new version of Cart Engine or Kemana available, because other scripts are using qE as foundation. So for each other script, I always update qE to make sure it has the newest features from other script.

For example in Kemana 2, I have included breadcrumbs, inline sections, code editor, which are not available in qE 12. Thus in qE 13, I have included those features. So you can be sure that Cart Engine 7 will also have those features.

Important Changes in qE 13

  • Breadcrumbs, so your visitors will not get lost while navigating your site.
  • Custom template for Page Gallery module, this is kinda big. This allow you to add custom page listing anywhere. For example, see C97.net's homepage. You can see latest news list made with Page Gallery's custom template. Prior to version 13, you can only use Page Gallery default template.
  • Menu manager programmable entry, this is useful for programmer. You can see more information in /admin/menu_man.php.

Other Changes in version 13

[QE] More bug fixes
[QE] Merge module_config table into config table
[QE] Debug mode now visible even if not login as administrator (see 12.0.0)
[QE] Fix {$} problem in language editor
[QE] Fileman > Text Editor now use Code Editor for .html, .js, .css & .xml
[QE] Add breadcrumbs
[QE] Google Map picker now require Google API Key
[QE] Module > Page Gallery supports custom template
[QE] Menu manager supports programmable menu
[QE] Sitemap now uses a template files
[QE] qTPL supports inline section
[QE] Even deeper bootstrap integration

Learn more about qEngine here. Or try the live demo here. Better yet, support me by purchasing the commercial license (there is no need to purchase the license as there is no limitation on free version, but I really appreciate it),

Kemana 2 Now Available! Download Now!

Friday, October-14-2016

Kemana 2 Now Available! Download Now!

I'm happy to announce that today, Kemana 2, is available for download!

Kemana 2 is a flexible directory listing script which can be used for multiple purposes, such as: link directory, classified ads, school yearbook, product catalog and more. And, it's free!

While Kemana 2 is a spiritual successor of Kemana 1, but it has been developed from scratch using latest web technology, including HTML5, CSS3, ajax, bootstrap, responsive web design, minimalist default template, WYSIWYG editor, etc. to ensure the best user experience without sacrificing web site security.

Learn more about Kemana 2 here.

Or, try the demo here.

Or, better yet, purchase the commercial license here.


Kemana comes in two editions:

  • Free edition which can be used up until 100 links (requires ionCube PHP decoder).
  • Full commercial edition without free limitation (and doesn't require ionCube PHP decoder) for only $89 and 30-day money back guarantee.