qEngine 7 ACP Login & Language Editor

This is the new login screen for qEngine 7, nice eh?


And this is the language editor in qEngine 7.


Posted on: Wednesday, April-02-2014

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qEngine 7 with BootStrap


One of the main reasons I need to update qEngine is because I need to replace jQuery Tools UI with another one. jQuery Tools UI has been a really great user interface library, but unfortunatelly, the development seems has been stopped, so I need to find a replacement, otherwise I couldn't upgrade the jQuery and other elements.

My first choice is of course, jQuery UI, which is developed and maintained by jQuery Team. So I tried that one, and it was great. But the interface is too retro for my taste and the library file size is quite big; I need something smaller with more modern looks.

Then, I learned about BootStrap. The interface is great, modern & minimalistic; and the file size is smaller than jQuery UI. After experimenting a bit, I decided to stick with BootStrap v3. There are of course some problems when implementing BootStrap with qEngine. One of them is the inability of BootStrap's nav bar to display multi-level drop down menu. That's why I'm sticking with the awesome Super Fish menu (updated to the latest one of course), and also I choose ColorBox to replace BootStrap's awesome yet very long to type modal window; and skin them to mimic BootStrap's native looks.

So, there you are qEngine 7 is now with BootStrap + SuperFish + ColorBox + and more. Currently I'm working on multilingual engine. Expect new qEngine soon!

Posted on: Sunday, March-23-2014

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Security Issues with qEngine Family

There are some reports about security problems with qEngine & its family (Kemana & Cart Engine). The security problems are as follow:

  1. Administrators can upload harmful files, eg: php, cgi, etc.
  2. Some modules may be run with dangerous parameters (administrators only).
  3. Predictable database back up files.

Problems #1 & #2 are only accessible from administration panels only, so it can't be accessed by guests or regular users (non administrators). Regular users simply can't access the administration panel & can't upload such files. So my advice for these problems is to give administrators access to trusted people only (which you should have been done in the first place, btw). If you are the only administrator in your site, you are very safe.

And for problem #3, my advice is to rename the database backup files in /admin/backup folder. Or better yet, delete the files after you have downloaded them.

These problems will be fixed in the future releases.

If you have any questions about these problems, don't hestitate to contact me.

Posted on: Friday, March-21-2014

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Meet Our New Client: Chocodiva.at

Chocodiva.at is an Austria based chocolate shop, focusing on promoting chocolate as part of modern lifestyle.

Visit the web site: www.chocodiva.at
Or learn more here.

Posted on: Wednesday, March-12-2014

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Cart97 PRO 2 Reborn!

Well, not really; but if you really miss the Cart97 PRO 2 (aka Cart2), and want to reminisce the old time, here is your chance! Simply grab a copy of Cart Engine 3's latest skin, "Classic", that looks like Cart2's default skin but with more modern feature.

And for a limited time, "Classic" is available for free! Quick grab a copy now, and relive the past!

Grab it here: marketplace.c97.net/ce-classic-skin.php

Posted on: Monday, February-24-2014

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