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What a busy month for me, no wonder I'm getting bald. This month I worked on updating this site, C97.net, updating qEngine 9 and of course updating Cart Engine 5; all while working on a web site for my client! So, what's new for C97.net? Let's see:

  1. Updated to qEngine 9.
  2. Restructured the whole web site, to make it simpler to navigate.
  3. Removed Market Place, as I thought Market Place only made it harder to purchase any licenses or service, and instead I set up a simple page for buying my script's licenses.
  4. Removed Go Directory, which was set up only to demonstrate Kemana capabilities.
  5. Removed old discontinued scripts. Good riddance!
  6. Removed Help Desk, again I thought Help Desk made it harder to contact me with your problems. You can use the contact form to contact me about your problems.... with my scripts that is.
  7. Removed Community Forum... JK

qEngine 9

There is no qEngine 8 (officially). qEngine 8 was made for internal purpose for my clients and for qEncore, so I decided to skip it entirely, and went with version 9. Weird. And what's new in version 9?

  • Mostly about bug fixes.
  • Social media integration.
  • Deeper bootstrap integration.
  • Replace Flash charts with HTML5 based.
  • See more changes here.

To learn more about qEngine, click here. And download it for free here.

Cart Engine 5

Woohoo, Cart Engine 5 without 4! Not only 4 is a bad luck in Chinese Numerology, but also, the same reason with qEngine 9. CE4 is for internal usage only. So, again I skipped 4, and went with 5. Weird? Indeed!

To learn more about Cart Engine, click here. Download it for free here. And better yet, purchase the license here for only $89.

The Future

I don't have exact plan for future releases, but I hope for qEngine 10, I want to move to OOP. I think with OOP my script will be more structured, especially with modules.

Also, I have a plan for Kemana 3! Yes, Kemana 3. In spirit of weird versioning, I decided to skip Kemana 2, and goes with 3 instead! That's how awesome I am! Again, I don't have a release date for Kemana 3 yet, may be it's before qEngine 10 or after.

For now, if you have any questions about anything (related to my scripts, espceially licensing), feel free to contact me.

Posted on: Saturday, January-31-2015

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qEncore for really simple CMS -- RELEASED!

Recently, I had a client who requested a simple web-app, it only consisted of 3-4 static pages and 2 forms. And the client requested for the web-app to be integrated with his own CMS, which was not based on qEngine, which also mean I couldn't use qEngine. I could, but it would be overkill to use it, as qEngine has its own content & user managers (which would not be used!).

I started to design the web site by using PHP & HTML without my beloved qEngine. I mixed PHP with HTML in one file, bad move! When the client wanted to change something, I had to modify all files. So I needed a template engine. I needed qEngine, but I couldn't use it.

Thus, I developed a simple version of qEngine, and it helped me much. I didn't have to modify all files just to replace comma with period, and the modified qEngine is very small and didn't need a database to run.

Because of that, I felt I should release the modified qEngine, so if anyone needs a very simple CMS, he can use it. Because it was a modified qEngine, I named it 'qEngine Core' aka 'qENCORE'. Cool name, eh?

qENCORE is a very simple CMS script based on qEngine, it doesn't need any database, and very small & fast. It only 500KB in size (without jQuery & BootStrap it is only 250KB), but it already has: template engine, captcha, responsive web design, jquery, bootstrap with popup, drop down menu, etc. And no database required!

Since qENCORE is very basic, it doesn't have: user & page management, user authentication, login/register, email log, administrator panel, and other qEngine advanced features.

So, if you need a basic CMS (a CMS that is not a CMS), you will love qENCORE. It's free to download, and it's available today! See the demo here.

If you have any questions, feel free to submit it to community forum or contact me directly.

Posted on: Thursday, December-18-2014

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Cart Engine 4.0.1 is Now Ready

You can now download Cart Engine 4.0.1 in: http://www.c97.net/files/cart-engine-4-0-1.php

Cart Engine 4.0.1 doesn't have any new features, it simply fix a bug in 4.0 which prevent users to register in your site.

If you have any problem with it, please contact me or visit my facebook page.

And... I haven't set up Cart Engine 4 information.

Posted on: Saturday, November-29-2014

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I'm Back (again) + More Fixes

Whoa, it has been a long time since the last time I updated this web site. Sorry for the delay, and really sorry for not answering the community.

Also, I want to inform an annoying bug in Cart 4.0 (silent update), you may want to read the instruction to fix it here: http://forum.c97.net/thread-28.html

And..... yes, another web redesign is imminent, LOL. I want to make the web site to be simpler and easier to navigate.

So, hang with me, and be patient as I'm slow as snail Wink

What... I haven't even updated the site with Cart Engine 4.0 information yet?!

Posted on: Friday, November-28-2014

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Cart Engine 4.0 is now available

You can download Cart Engine 4.0 here: http://www.c97.net/files/cart-engine-4-0.php

It also contains some security fixes, which is a recommended update to keep your shop safe.

Posted on: Thursday, August-21-2014

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